We at Instituto Chamex, believe that with creativity and education we can drive change, accelerate solutions, and change for the better the lives of many people.

Check out our stories told in partnership with Dona Jacira

A writer, artist and human development graduate, stands out in the current social context and gives voice to the stories of women whose lives have been transformed by education and the projects of the Chamex Institute.

Dona Jacira is a storyteller and a person who inspires young people to transform their realities. Mother of four children, including the singers Emicida and Fióti, she tells her own memories and experiences through podcasts, interviews, and texts, addressing social, education, and environmental issues. She chose to continue living in the periphery to improve her surroundings, help other people, and show young people that other possibilities in life exist. And in partnership with the Chamex Institute, Dona Jacira tells the stories of people who had their lives transformed by the Chamex Institute’s projects and the proposal to transform the world through education.

Project: Art at BNCC

Transforming the classroom and learning with creativity – this is how the Arte na BNCC online course was born, carried out by the Chamex Institute and the Arte na Escola Institute to contribute to the Chamex Institute’s mission of encouraging teachers so that they also be agents of transformation, taking art into the classroom, creating a space for invention and investigation, bringing the topic closer to students. After all, creativity transforms education and education transforms the world.

You already know that for my family, art is something that changes realities. We really believe in this and we experience this transformation daily. Now, I want to share with you the story of Professor Susete, who participated in the project, who believes in art and who was able to apply an innovative and creative approach within her classroom, which encourages children to think critically. “Often, art classes are the only way for underprivileged children to have a more critical look at the world and the issues around them.” We know the power of art and creativity to transform realities! Is not it?

Click here to access Prof. Susete’s post and report!

Click here to access the post and student Marcelly’s report!

Project: Writing Competition

Today, I wanted to share with you the story of Marcelly Brito, a student who won the 46th edition of the Writing Competition promoted by Instituto Chamex in partnership with Redação Online. Registration is open until September 20th via the website https://concursochamex.redacaonline.com.br/.

Passionate about books, like me, Marcelly found in writing a way to express herself and pursue her dreams. And she is succeeding! It’s always inspiring to see the power of creativity transforming education, and education transforming people’s lives, just as it transformed mine. Check out Marcelly’s story and tell me in the comments how education changed or has changed your lives. I will love reading each testimonial.

Ana Laura, 21 years old, former student at Aprendiz Escola Sylvamo

At the time (2019) it was being advertised in schools to sign up for the Aprendiz Escola Sylvamo. I was very excited, but there were over 400 applicants competing for 24 positions. “At the same time, I applied to SENAI’s technical course in electrical engineering, because I was not so sure I would make it, but I managed to pass both! And this is how my passion for electricity grew. When I entered Aprendiz Escola Sylvamo I was production apprentice, a little far from the electrician I became, but as the course went on they saw my desire and interest in becoming a maintenance technician and asked me if I would be interested in changing areas and spending some time as an electrician apprentice, I accepted at once.

When I entered Aprendiz Escola Sylvamo I was production apprentice, a little far from the electrician I became, but as the course went on they saw my desire and interest in becoming a maintenance technician and asked me if I would be interested in changing areas and spending some time as an electrician apprentice, I accepted at once. I thought it was just going to be an end of cycle learning conversation, but when I arrived my supervisor was there and told me about the position. I was very happy to be hired!

I have a huge feeling of professional accomplishment, I became more confident in seeing that I can get where I want to go regardless of gender, and happy to have a team that is always motivating me, without any prejudice. I dream of becoming a control and automation engineer, growing more and more in this area. And today I know I will get there.”

Ana Lívia, 19, winner of the 2020 Writing Contest, and who placed third in 2021.

“I learned about the writing contest from Rafaela, my Portuguese teacher. When we were having online classes, because of the pandemic, she sent me information about the contest in a school group.

I found it interesting and decided to participate, but I didn’t imagine that I could do so well. I was impressed with the result! Thanks to the contest I was able to improve my writing and, as I was awarded with books, I was able to strengthen my ties with reading which presently became indispensable for me.

During my childhood and most of my adolescence I had few incentives to read. I became interested in reading when I decided to read some of the few books that I happened to have at home. Later, when the internet was put in my house, I started downloading PDF books to read on my mobile phone and, later, the contest allowed me to have several physical books with the award I received and to have this contact that I had never had before.

When I think about it, I think my dream is to be able to be proud of who I am, to never stop seeking knowledge and to dedicate myself to the things I like to do. I haven’t yet decided what professional direction to take, but I would like to work in something that makes me happy”.

Bárbara Oliveira, 47, teacher who attended the Art in BNCC training course, in 2020.

Participant in the 1st Edition of the BNCC Online Art Course, teacher Barbara Oliveira stresses the importance of the course in her classes and in the development of her teaching practice. Barbara, who has been teaching Art in public schools in the Caxias do Sul – RS region since 2006, highlights the importance of updating and learning from so many professionals who are references in education.

The issue of materiality in art allowed the teacher to build her planning by expanding the capacity to develop critical and poetic thinking and exploring the students’ abilities, strengthening the classroom as a place of exploration.

The course was very important for Barbara’s professional growth, her ability to reach her students and be able to debate on a topic that is very much in vogue, which is the new BNCC.