instituto Chamex

Instituto Chamex has the purpose of encouraging, through education, with the use of creativity as source of transformative solutions for the world and society.

By placing creativity as the central element in building a more accessible, inclusive, equitable, and transformative education, Instituto Chamex and its partners, foster the development of students, teachers, and agents of early childhood, elementary, and high school education, supporting projects countrywide and developing projects locally. In this way, we seek to transform countless realities, enabling a new future for thousands of Brazilians.

Acting in network and articulation with various actors, we seek to go beyond traditional models, acting in practice, through 4 pillars:


Supporting practical solutions to the challenges facing the educational system.


Defending childhood as a time to stimulate creativity.


Enabling a new future for the young people in the field of creative economy.


Having creativity as a way of teaching, learning, undertaking and educating.

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After all, creativity transforms education. And education transforms the world.

Instituto Chamex believes that quality education is key to transform our society.

But we know that promoting quality education for more and more people, in a complex reality as ours, is not an easy task.

It is necessary to go beyond the basics, through significant and structural changes.

And this requires CREATIVITY.

Creativity to face childhood as a period of free imagination and endless possibilities.

Creativity to enable the insertion of young people into a creative economy.

Creativity to go beyond theory and stimulate, in practice, innovation in the way our teachers teach.

Creativity to encourage students, teachers, and agents of education to develop themselves by putting their ideas on paper, realizing them in practice, and seeking innovative solutions for our society’s problems.

Creativity in the way we choose and unite with partners who have the courage to evaluate new models in an educational structure that badly needs to reinvent itself.

Through our projects we do all of this.

We were born with the purpose of encouraging, through education, the use of creativity as a source of transforming solutions for the world and society.

But we do none of this alone.

We act in a network, joining forces and articulating diverse actors to create, implement, and support projects that aim to develop students, teachers, and education agents in the construction of an education that is accessible to all, more inclusive and equitable.

An education that uses creativity to help break paradigms, drive change, and accelerate solutions.

That can generate real changes and transform realities, making it possible to draw, on a blank sheet of paper, a new future for thousands of Brazilians.

A future that brings with it the change we want to see in the world.

Join us in this journey.
Instituto Chamex

Socially responsible company seal issued by ICA - Children's Incentive Institution - supported by our projects