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The project planned for January 2023 is aimed at deaf middle school students donatingparticipants the amount of BRL 1,760 to pay for accommodation and meals during the workshop weekends.

Unicamp (State University of Campinas/SP) has developed an unprecedented project for the deaf community in Brazil: a summer workshop that will challenge deaf middle school students – who are fluent in Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) – to solve mathematical problems, encouraging them to strengthen their math vocabulary in this language. Enrollment is free of charge until Friday, November 25, 2022.. The program is called “Libras+Math” lasting two weeks,from January 16 to 27 of 2023. At the end of this first edition of the workshop, participants will record small videos in Libras, presenting solutions to some problems and math challenges that were resolved during the period.

The program will comprise a set of activities involving mathematics, including some punctual classes and many group activities. An introduction to the geometry of triangles, with exercises, and recreation. Such as visits to the Unicamp campus and tourist areas in the city of Campinas. The young participants will be lodged at the Casa do Professor Visitante(House of the Visiting Teacher), a pleasant hotel, located on the Unicamp campus. During weekdays, the participants will enjoy morning coffee at the hotel, two main meals at the University, and two light snacks before noon and in the afternoon.

The selection process comprises two stages:

1st stage: Interested students must answer a questionnaire and record a small video (in Libras). 2nd stage an online interview will be conducted with the youngsters and with one of their parents or legal guardians. these phases, between 10 and 15 students will be selected, with the result to be announced on 15/12/2022. After that, those approved will receive information regarding mandatory documents to be forwarded to the organization, as well as the deadline for dispatching the material,planned for the first week of January 2023. The program is under responsibility of the Unicamp Dean’s Office for Extension and Culture (PROEC- Pró-Reitoria de Extensão e Cultura), and organized by the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computation (IMECC) as well as the Unicamp Mathematics Olympiad (OMU).

Click here to access the page Libras+Matemática,for additional information and to enroll in the workshop!

About the Initiative

About 5%, or approximately 10 million people of the Brazilian population is deaf. According to data from the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute (IBGE). Part of the Brazilian community with hearing deficiency uses the Libra language as main communication tool. Despite the existence of this valuable language resource, most deaf students in the country face preoccupying challenges in their school environment. Among some of the main factors that hinder the quality of their educational development are the lack of inclusion of Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) as mandatory curricular discipline in basic education; the limited number of teachers in this area, the reduced social and work inclusion of deaf people, and institutional unpreparedness such as the absence of interpreters in schools.

The initiative by Unicamp to value communication in Libras and strengthen skills and mathematical vocabulary in this language, besides guaranteeing a unique experience for those involved, promotes visibility about the relevance of adopting inclusive policies in the educational disciplines of the Brazilian education system. Instituto Chamex not only congratulates initiatives such as this, but also contributes to their dissemination, in theeffort towards a more accessible and egalitarian education. We are committed – together with our partners – to fostering the development of students, teachers, and educational agents in infant, elementary, and middle school, supporting national education projects, and developing local projects. The purpose is to transform countless realities, enabling a new future for thousands of Brazilians, promoting more citizenship, and collaborating for the development of a more just and egalitarian society,in a humanized, strategic, inclusive, and creative way, in dialogue with our essence that creativity transforms education, and education transforms the world. Click here and know about our projects!


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