Registration is now open for the Impulso Project – Projection of future talents – Chamex Institute scholarship program [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] [INSCRIÇÕES ENCERRADAS]

Up to 12 full scholarships (100%) will be offered, 8 for the Chemical Engineering course and 4 for the Administration course, valid for those who live in Mogi Guaçu (SP) and meet the program requirements.



Sylvamo Brasil and the Chamex Institute announced last Friday, June 23, the opening of registrations for the Impulso Project – Projection of future talents – External scholarship program maintained in partnership with the Faculdade Municipal Professor Franco Montoro (FMPFM ) from Mogi Guaçu (SP). Up to 12 full scholarships (100%) will be offered, including 8 scholarships for the Chemical Engineering course and 4 scholarships for the Administration course, both degrees are scheduled to start in August 2023. The registration deadline for the Impulso Project is closed on 07/14/2023. To apply, you must live in Mogi Guaçu (SP), have completed high school at a public school and have a family income that does not exceed two minimum wages (R$ 2,640.00) – documentation proving income will be requested.

The objective of the program is, in addition to encouraging and enabling the continuation of studies, to promote the importance of the academic journey for those seeking professional development and building a more solid career. In line with this, the Chamex Institute aims to encourage, through education, the use of creativity as a source for transformative solutions in society and the world – with an emphasis on the most vulnerable communities in Brazil. By placing creativity as the central element for building a more accessible, inclusive, equitable and transformative education, the Institute and its partners stimulate the development of professionals, students, teachers and education agents in early childhood, elementary and secondary education, supporting national projects and developing local projects and programs. The Institute is maintained and supported by Sylvamo Brasil, which has factories in Europe, Latin America and North America.

Entering higher education is a powerful path to social and economic transformation. A survey carried out in 2021, prepared by Semesp, carried out with students from all over Brazil, revealed that the average salary of those who have completed higher education increases by 135% – for those who were already working before completing the course. Data like these show that individuals with this degree of training have the possibility of transforming their own future and contributing to improving the reality of the communities in which they live and work. Among some of the benefits of earning a higher education diploma, such as a degree, we can highlight: 👇

  • Deal with a higher employability rate;
  • Achieve recognition in the job market;
  • Obtain better positions and salaries;
  • Increase the range of professional opportunities;
  • Increase the corporate contact network;
  • Practice professional skills that were previously unexplored;
  • Develop the ability to undertake;
  • Achieve the desired professional and personal fulfillment;
  • Find new purposes for your own life;
  • Be the protagonist of your own career and story.

The steps for registering for Project Impulso – Projection of future talents – for the 2nd semester of 2023, will be divided as follows: 👇

1)Registration Period: June 23rd to July 14th, 2023. 2) Period for analysis of provisional results and call for the entrance exam by Instituto Chamex: July 17th to 19th, 2023. 3) Entrance exam: 20th to 25th July. 4) Publication of the final list of students benefiting from scholarships from the Chamex Institute: until July 31, 2023. To access the Notice and view the full program regulations, click here!! Se você If you meet the project requirements and want to apply for free, click here! Share this opportunity with your friends and family! 🙂 If you have any questions, contact us via email:

Creativity transforms education. Education transforms the world.