Grupo +unidos

To expand our reach relying on partners with the same ideals, in 2020, Instituto Chamex became part of the Grupo +Unidos associates net, a non-profit collaborative social investment fund formed by major companies operating in Brazil, in partnership with the United States Diplomatic Mission.

Based on networking operations, the Grupo + Unidos proposes a new way of thinking about corporate social responsibility. The social investment methodology is characterized by a high degree of project monitoring, through impact indicators, and customized financing policies.

Besides the financial investment, the Grupo + Unidos generates engagement and influences exchanges of experience between the corporate world, social organizations and the public sector.

In 2023, the initiatives carried out with Grupo +Unidos include:
• Access E2C and Access Amazon: projects focused on young black and indigenous professionals and/or entrepreneurs to learn and improve their English with a focus on conversation, with a 210-hours training course. In addition to the six hours of classes each week, the students are mentored by professionals from the companies associated to the course. Grupo +Unidos, in addition to a professional volunteer for an exchange in English, thus increasing their networking and soft skills development
• English to connect (E2C Sylvamo): is an exclusive pilot project for Instituto Chamex, consisting of a reduced version of Access E2C with focus on employability on the job market. It was implemented at the state school Profª Zenaide Franco de Faria Mello, including thirty-five 3rd grade high school students.
• Inova: the project includes the creation of a room with technology and innovation equipment at the EMEF Professora Zilda Aparecida Marinho Seixas, in Luís Antônio, SP. The room will be aimed at primary and secondary school students, with the aim of improving the learning of the school curriculum through technology.