Chamex Institute influencer tells life stories transformed by education



Dona Jacira is a digital influencer, a protagonist in the defense of education, and a partner of Chamex Institute to tell inspiring and impactful stories about lives that have been changed by her projects.

Chamex Institute aims to encourage, through social programs and educational initiatives, the use of creativity as a source of transformative solutions in the lives of students, teachers and teaching agents. With the goal of promoting all the positive effects that the promotion of education can generate in the lives of these and other Brazilians, the Institute has a partnership with the digital influencer Dona Jacira – a hardworking, talented woman, gardener, plastic artist, columnist , storyteller, peripheral writer, communicator and specialist in human development – who today is responsible for telling impactful stories about lives that have been transformed through education.

Recently, Dona Jacira told the story of Marcelly Brito, 17, a student who won the 46th edition of the Writing Contest (2021), promoted by Chamex Institute in partnership with Redação Online. The project is aimed at high school students from state or municipal public schools across the country, and aims to boost writing skills and a taste for reading, in addition to preparing them for the National High School Exam (ENEM) and to inspire them to create their own stories in the literary universe and in life. The students, teachers and schools that stand out in the competition receive awards as a form of incentive.

Passionate about books, Marcelly found in writing a way to express herself, to believe in her own potential and to pursue her dreams: “I was the national winner (of the writing contest) and for me this was a gratifying and very rewarding experience. memorable. It was something that really made all the difference in my year and in my life. Really, it was more than I imagined, it brought me a learning experience in the sense that I can believe even more in myself, knowing that I can go further and that when we dedicate ourselves and when the time is right, we really succeed. what you want”, reported Marcelly. The young woman’s full story was published on Sylvamo Brasil’s Instagram, click here to watch!

We take the opportunity to invite you, readers, to follow Sylvamo Brasil’s Instagram to follow the sequence of other impactful stories that will continue to be told by Dona Jacira over the next few months. Also remembering that registration for the 47th Edition of the Writing Contest (2022) was closed on 09/20. This year’s theme was: “If you had the opportunity to write a page of a book, how and what would you write about the post-pandemic world?”.

Soon, we will announce the national winners, but you can already check the 100 best essays on the contest website:

In the 2021 Edition, the contest had the participation of more than 40 thousand students from public schools, remaining, for another year, as the largest national essay contest. In addition to Marcelly Brito, the stories of those who have participated in previous editions are always encouraging: “Participating in the Chamex Institute’s Writing Contest was a unique experience that I will take all my life. I was motivated to participate by my Portuguese language teacher and also by my family members. Thanks to the contest, I was able to improve my writing skills and learned to have more confidence in myself”, says Ana Lívia, 3rd place nationally in the 46th edition of the contest and 1st place in the 2020 edition.

By placing creativity as the central element for the construction of a more accessible, inclusive, equitable and transformative education, Instituto Chamex and its partners foster the development of students, teachers and agents of early childhood, elementary and secondary education, supporting projects national and developing local projects. In this way, the idea is to transform countless realities, enable a new future for thousands of Brazilians, promote more citizenship and contribute to the development of a more just and egalitarian society. After all, creativity transforms education, and education transforms the world. Click here and discover all our projects! =)