Formare School classes begin in three municipalities

Formare School | The Formare School, a partnership between AIPI Institute and Iochpe Foundation, provides high quality technical education to youngsters from our communities with the main objective to train and develop students’ potential as aware citizens and also as good professionals. In March, Rodrigo Davoli, IP Brasil CEO, met students from Mogi Guaçu to […]

Inep makes changes to the timetable and procedures for ENEM 2020 official

Inep | The National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anisio Teixeira formalized changes to the timetable and some procedures for the National Middle School Exams (ENEM) 2020. One of the main changes is the postponement of the digital version to November 22 and 29, as previously announced. Application of the written exam remains for […]

Trends of the educational process in Brazil and in the world

School curricula to become flexible | One of the main trends in education is making school curricula more flexible. The objective is to bring discussions into the classroom regarding issues prevailing in the society and which are part of daily student life, as for instance: sustainability, human rights, technology, social equality and gender issues. Making […]